What our Students
Have to Say...
Many of his students have absorbed Sensei Joe’s teachings and have put
that knowledge to good use, whether it's competing at a tournament or
gaining self-confidence. Our students have won medals at local, regional,
and national tournaments. Whether they win a medal in competition or not,
we're proud of all of our students and take great pride in the fact that we've
remained close with so many.

We open this page to any current or past students who would like to share
their thoughts about training at FSKC. Please feel free to email Sensei and
we'll add your comments below.
My name is Sensei Donna. I am 52 years old and have been training with
Sensei Joe for 14 years. I received my black belt in April 2005. It all started
for me when my son Rick started training with Sensei Jack in Bristol
Township. Rick and Sensei Joe developed quite a bond in that dojo. When
Sensei Joe started his own dojo, it only seemed natural that Rick and I
would go with him. Rick earned his black belt in April 2003. Sensei Joe has
become a part of our family, as well as his wife, Mrs. Cindy, and their
daughter, our "niece", Beth. The one thing I can tell you about our dojo and
the SKA is that we are all one big happy family. We have the opportunity to
train with all different ages at one time, and there is no difference because
we are all the same when we are on the dojo floor. We also have the
opportunity to compete at different levels with pride. That pride comes from
Sensei Joe and his teachings. Falls Shotokan Karate Club has been a huge
influence in my and both of my sons’ lives. Even though my youngest son,
Jake, chose not to continue training, he has benefited from Sensei Joe as
well. Sensei Joe is such a great mentor to many people, both young and old.
Sensei Joe is a wonderful man who always leads by example. He lives by
the words we in the dojo all know: seek perfection of character, be faithful,
endeavor, respect others and refrain from violent behavior. My family is
privileged to know Sensei Joe and be a part of his "family".
My name is Jennifer, but I was nicknamed LJ by Sensei when I began training at 11
years old. I was an extremely shy kid when I began, but with Sensei's training,
support, and persistance I went on to train all through college. I attained my shodan,
my black belt, and I competed at the national collegiate level. I had the opportunity to
travel around the US to compete, and although I no longer trained directly under
Sensei, he and Falls Shotokan were some of my biggest supporters!  I am now 26
years old, a social worker and I am about to begin my life as an adult by getting
married and buying a house. While life is a bit hectic and I have put my karate training
on the back burner for now, I am truly thankful for the life lessons that karate and
Sensei have taught me. I am now confident and aware, of both myself and my
environment. I believe that Karate-do and my training by Sensei have shaped who I
am and how I see the world. Sensei and his family are some of my favorite people,
and karate has been a foundation for me to build my life on, so I would definitely
encourage everyone to see for yourselves what Falls Shotokan Karate is all about!