History of FSKC
We're just about to hit our 19th birthday, here at FSKC. The Dojo was founded in November,
1997. From our initial location at The Dance Conservatory in Lower Bucks County, PA, to our
current facility, the
SRYC in Morrisville, PA, we've enjoyed the support of our family, friends, and
students. Training at the VFW Post gives us ample floor space and higher ceilings, allowing for a
little more elbow room for our students!

We have been affiliated with both the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and the USA-National
Karate-Do Federation (USA-NKF), which opens the doors for our students to compete nationally
and internationally. And we also keep in touch with the Traditional Karate International
Confederation, who host the annual international Ozawa Memorial Cup tournament in Las Vegas,
Nevada each year at Easter.

But nearest and dearest to our hearts is the Shotokan Karate Association. We enjoy participating
at the SKA’s annual tournaments here in Bucks County, PA.

Sensei Joe McCaskey has worked hard to establish a good rapport with other instructors,
allowing him to observe and benefit from their teaching methods and experience. He has studied
and attended seminars both at national and international tournaments, as well as when traveling
domestically and abroad.

We’ve even been privileged enough to host a few of our own seminars and workouts. After all,
knowledge is meant to be shared.